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Bensani Hand & Body Sanitizer is a safe, non-flammable, non-toxic hand, body, and surface sanitizer that is strong enough to sanitize surfaces but gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive skin. 

Bensani Hand & Body Sanitizer offers a patented formula utilizing Hy-IQ technology, the first proprietary non-alcohol, non-toxic, and hydrogen-based cleaning ingredient. With our patent formula, we can ensure that our Hand & Body Sanitizing Spray offers a safer, more hygienic experience while also safe for use on all skin and material types. Our focus is to help protect our communities and the people within them by creating products that help make our world a little safer to touch, regardless of age, skin type, or sensitivity. 

Bensani's Gallon Sanitizers

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To offer a versatile, sanitizing spray that is strong enough to work on surfaces, yet gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin. To create a more hygienic, safer, and gentle world, at every touch.

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We're here to offer versatile health and hygiene products that are rooted in clinical & scientific efficacy for a cleaner, safer, and more gentle touch.

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