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What is Hy-IQ®️ Water?



We have developed the world’s first proprietary alcohol-free, nontoxic and hydrogen-based cleaning technology. The technology, called Hy-IQ®️ Water, has a unique method of cleaning.

  • Nonflammable. Chlorine Free. Alcohol Free.
  • Safe for People, Pets, Plants and Property.

Aphex BioCleanse Systems was founded to provide the world with a much-needed safe and effective alternative to alcohol-based cleaning solution, and with the recent Covid-19 pandemic, we are continually motivated towards this commitment.  Through our water-based products, our mission is to make the world a healthier and safer place by providing the most effective and safest cleaning solutions available.

We aim to help save lives, ease the burden of illness, increase workforce productivity, and in general, keep homes around the globe clean and safe. From consumer to industrial use, our products can help you save money, protect those you love by cleaning. As an added bonus, we are committed to making Aphex BioCleanse Systems, Inc. the new benchmark in effective environmentally friendly technologies.

Headquartered in Rochester, New York with a manufacturing facility in Port Richey, Florida, Aphex BioCleanse Systems, Inc. is positioned to service hundreds of thousands of U.S. and Canadian customers quickly and efficiently. Through “Aphex Europe with Qurexx”, our European distribution partners, we are able to establish an international presence and sell our American-made products globally. We look forward to expanding into new markets in the coming years.


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