Compare and Contrast | Bensani Sanitizer

Compare and Contrast

Traditional hand sanitizer vs Bensani sanitizer. See the difference!

Alcohol-free hand sanitizers do not dry out hands. They create little foam after rubbing hands.
They have no fragrance. Most alcohol-free hand sanitizers in the market are water-based foam.


Many alcohol-free hand sanitizers contain 0.1% concentration of Benzalkonium, rest of the solution contain mainly water & skin conditioner & vitamin E for moistening purpose.


Usually, these solutions are much easier on the hands. The possibility of fire hazards is less and is non-damaging to surfaces.

"Many caregivers are unaware of the very high alcohol content present in alcohol-based hand sanitizers, which can contain up to 60% to 95% alcohol,” said Cynthia Santos, MD, from CDC’s National Center for Environmental Health. “Young children may inadvertently consume these hand sanitizers because of their appealing scents, like apple, vanilla, and citrus.”

In a new report from CDC,1 researcher analyzed data reported to the National Poison Data System (NPDS) from 2011–14 on exposures to alcohol and non-alcohol-based hand sanitizers in children who were 12 years old or younger. A total of 70,669 hand sanitizer exposures in this age group were reported to NPDS, including 65,293 (92%) alcohol-based exposures and 5,376 (8%) non-alcohol-based exposures. Adverse health effects were more likely to be reported for alcohol-based hand sanitizer exposures, and they tended to be worse than those for non-alcohol-based hand sanitizer exposures.


The researchers stratified the NPDS data into two groups. When they looked only at exposures to ethanol-based sanitizers, isopropanol-based sanitizers, and non-alcohol-based sanitizers —no NPDS reported calls about co-exposures to other agents were included in the analysis."


(Refence - "HANDHYGIENE" Loren Bonner, senior editor)

At last, choosing which one is right for you is often a simple matter of personal preference, however, we should also consider how the product will be used and where.

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